About Me

I am a Seattle filmmaker who loves all aspects of the storytelling process. I have extensive experience working on sets as a Data Wrangler and Script Supervisor, and love using these skills to help bring creative, out-of-the-box film and video projects to life.

I’ve worked in post-production as an assistant editor for the Daytime Emmy Award Winning web series, Red Bird, as well as numerous comedy and documentary videos for the popular YouTube channel, CUT. I’ve also taught my unique editing techniques to several youth classes and am currently teaching my first adult classes at Northwest Film Forum.

My true passion lies in writing and directing my own projects. Last year, I released my debut short film, E 1200, and plan to finish writing, then produce and direct a short romantic comedy inspired by High Fidelity in Winter 2019. 

Recent Projects

The Weekly on FX & Hulu - Docuseries w/ NYTimes & Left Right Media
Toyota Camry: USA Road Trip Seattle - Commercial
Active Assailant - Internal Education Video for Starbucks
Georgie - Short Film
Alvin - Short Film
Animal Heads - Short Film

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